SIGMATEST performs tests for COVID-19 on private individuals and businesses. We offer super-fast service, getting results in less than 24 hours *. We offer the PCR test, the rapid antigen detection test, and the serological test. Contact our teams for more information.

PCR-test certificate

Once the PCR tests are carried out, they are sent directly for analysis to the laboratory.* Within 24 hours after your testing, the results will be communicated to you confidentially via a secure MAIL.

Travel PCR test

Make an appointment between 48 hours and 72 hours before your departure so that your test result is still valid at the time of your trip. We will communicate the result to you within 24 hours * of your test.

Company test​

SIGMATEST also organizes screenings directly at your workplace. A mobile team can travel to your business to perform testing for COVID-19. Contact us for more information.



The PCR test will show if a person is infected with COVID-19 at the time the test is performed. This is a nasopharyngeal sample.

It is currently the most reliable test for screening patients. The PCR test is the one that will allow you to travel, return to work in a company, etc. It is valid in all large organisations (airports, stations, companies, administrations, etc.). We never perform this test using a saliva sample, as this method is not known to be reliable enough. At SIGMATEST, we perform the PCR test and the results are available within 24 hours * only.


The antigen test will determine if you are infected with the coronavirus at the time of the test. A test with ultra fast results.

Like the PCR test, it is done by taking a sample from the back of the nose. But it differs in the molecules sought. Since the antigen test looks for antigens. Once the sample has been taken, it will not be analyzed in the laboratory. What makes this test very quick: it just takes 15 to 30 minutes to get a result! The result may present reliability flaws, and should be considered as an indication. It is not sufficient and should always be confirmed by a PCR test for symptomatic people and contact cases.


The serological test shows whether you have already been infected with COVID-19 or if you were infected before the test, without having necessarily realized it.

It is a blood test. Your blood is tested for antibodies produced during infection with the coronavirus. A detailed analysis of the components will be carried out, the results of this test are very reliable. At SIGMATEST, we perform a lot of serological tests every day, it is one of the most requested tests. In some cases, it will need to be confirmed by a PCR test.


We ensure that all the necessary hygiene precautions related to this health crisis are taken for you and your employees.

A team of COVID-19 referents made up of healthcare professionals are there to advise you on COVID standards and ensure that all standards are met within your company.

Schedule your appointment directly online

Complete the form online and receive your confirmation of appointment by email.



To date, most countries ask to carry out a PCR test for COVID-19 in order to enter their land. The advantage with SIGMATEST is that your result is available within 24 hours *. Perform the PCR test in the days before your departure, and get your results quickly! Travel more peacefully, get in touch with our team if questions occur.


It is highly recommended to perform regular screening of employees to minimize possible contamination between them. The spread of the virus within companies already forced many of them to shut down, which can be fatal for small and medium-sized organizations. Prevention is better than cure.

Approved laboratory

We work in close collaboration with an approved Belgian laboratory for PCR and serological tests. A ready and qualified laboratory to expand its capacity as needed. Our mission is to do our utmost to detect infected patients as quickly as possible. The results will be communicated to you immediately by MAIL as soon as the analyzes are completed.


Performances, concerts, training places and universities are places where the virus can easily spread. Think about vulnerable people, all participants are tested so that the spread of COVID-19 is limited.

How does a PCR test work?

Book online

Make your reservation on our website by completing the online form. This is a secure form where you can find the available spots. Choose a date and time according to your availability and confirm your reservation.

Take the test

Come in to our local 5 minutes before your appointment. We are almost never late. The “rapid” and “PCR” tests themselves only take 10 seconds. This is a very quick test, which can even be done during your lunch break.

Quick results

The results for the rapid tests will be communicated to you within ten minutes. For the PCR test, you will get the results within the following 24 hours *. So you will have valid and reassuring results because they have been obtained in a timely manner.

About us

Our medical center has been established in 1998. We have been practicing for over 20 years. This center was born from the desire to reduce the risks of illnesses or external complications by providing real support to our patients. Listening, analysis and relevant advice. In 2020, the health crisis made medical practice more complicated. New challenges have appeared and we must quickly adapt to cope as best as possible to the epidemic crisis. Today, we can open a specialised office linked to carrying out COVID-19 tests, to help stem this global pandemic. Our mission is to carry out as many tests as possible in order to screen as many people to limit the spread of the virus.




Tests carried out






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* In case of an epidemiological peak and laboratory saturation, it is possible that these deadlines cannot be met.

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